Join us on a step back in history as residents shares some of their pioneer and childhood memories.

Smoky Lake County is committed to identifying and preserving its vast and rich historic and heritage assets through various policies and programs. In 2009, Smoky Lake County began a three-year project to identify and manage its heritage assets. The resulting planning tools are a crucial first step in recognizing the way of life and sense of time and place that make the Smoky Lake Region what it is.

Smoky Lake Region Heritage Management Plan

The purpose of the Smoky Lake Region Heritage Management Plan is to provide a useful and proactive framework to encourage and facilitate heritage conservation activities in the Smoky Lake Region. The Plan is to serve as a guide for future initiatives for the identification, stewardship and management of heritage resources within the Region.

Smoky Lake Region Heritage Survey and Inventory Project

In 2009, Smoky Lake County, in cooperation with the Town of Smoky Lake and the Villages of Waskatenau and Vilna, embarked on an ambitious project to identify and catalogue the heritage assets in the region and provide a management framework for the preservation of these resources.

The first step of this process was to survey these assets and create The Smoky Lake Region Survey of Historic Places to be further studied as the process evolved. Further evaluation of the Places of Interest identified a total of 93 sites that would have draft Statements of Significance prepared for them detailing the character-defining elements of the historic resource that are to be preserved.

The resulting document, The Smoky Lake Region Inventory of Historic Places consolidates these Statements of Significance into one document. Once a historic resource is placed on the Smoky Lake Region Inventory of Historic Places, it becomes eligible for designation as a Provincially-designated Municipal Historic Resource, at which time it may qualify for grant funding.

Municipal Historic Resource Designation

Historic places that are listed on the Smoky Lake Region Inventory of Historic Places and have had a Statement of Significance prepared are eligible for designation as a Municipal Historic Resource. Once a resource has been designated as a Municipal Historic Resource it may be eligible for Provincial grant money for restorations. Municipal Resource Designation also places restrictions on sites to prevent changes to the character-defining elements that are listed in the resource’s Statement of Significance.

Owners of historic places that are listed in the Smoky Lake Region Inventory of Historic Places are encouraged to apply for Municipal Historic Resource Designation. All applications for Designation are to be submitted to the Smoky Lake County Regional Heritage Board. Please see the application form Click here

Smoky Lake County Regional Heritage Board

The purpose and mandate of the Smoky Lake County Regional Heritage Board is to manage aspects of the survey, identification, evaluation, designation, preservation, restoration and development of heritage resources within the Smoky Lake Region.

For more information on the Board’s activities or to obtain information regarding Municipal Historic Resource Designation, please contact Noreen Easterbrook at 780-656-2114 or

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Economic & Business Development

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